Remote Advantages

Bravo Remote Access Gateway

Why Remote Support is often superior to on-site:

   Access to lab and baseline systems

  • It's like the difference between a hospital and ambulance
  • Troubleshooting often requires extensive research
  • Access to a lab with baseline systems is critical in isolating problems
  • Allows us to use familiar equipment in our environment. More efficient
  • Full access to reference materials

   Suspend Billing for Waiting Time

  • Scanning & other diagnostics involves a lot of waiting time
  • Often need to contact vendors and wait for return call
  • Remote Server administration
  • Software Upgrades
  • Maintenance performed after hours when staff not using the stations,
    minimize disruption of productivity
  • The luxury of less pressure afforded by ability to "suspend the billing clock"
    means more thorough testing

   More Frequent, Proactive Attention

  • Instant availability. No scheduling. No lead time.
  • No traveling fees
  • No minimum billing
  • More frequent attention otherwise not feasible/justifiable
  • Short-notice, on-demand "small dose" assistance is feasible
  • Frequent monitoring of data backup operations
  • Proactive security monitoring, audit and tests
  • Remote assessment ahead of on-site visit helps avoid second trip

On-site is required/better if:

  • Hardware failure occurred
  • Troubleshooting of complex wiring issues
  • Installation/upgrade of new equipment

As you can see: Clearly, remote is superior to on-site in most cases, provided you can supply the expertise and infrastructure to support it.

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