Seminar Rates

Traveling Fees
Effective: May 1, 2012
Miles Radius Zone Fee
0-5 0* $15
6-10 1* $30
11-20 2* $40
21-30 3 $60
31-40 4 $75
41-50 5 $88
51-60 6 $100
61-100 7 $228

Airfare + Hotel

Rates based on 1-way air-miles. Actual round-trip driving miles are much higher.


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  • Bravo Seminar Rates

    Terms & Conditions:

    • Bravo office max. capacity: 12 persons for up to 2-hr, or 4 persons for full-day.

    • Clients may host at their locations and supply presentation equipment.

    • Outside venues will incur rental fees.

    • For remote conference, client is responsible for equipment/setup on their end.

    • Standard traveling fees apply for events outside of Bravo location.

    • Subject to minimum billing if event is held outside of Bravo location.

    • We provide seminar handout and downloadable materials.

    • Any other special materials (if required by course) are extra.

    • Any special equipment required is extra.

    Minimum Billing

    • All on-site appointments are subject to minimum billing.

    • In-office, phone or remote sessions and in-shop services are not.

    • Minimum billing is $120 for emergency appointments, and $75 for all others.

    • Zone 4 and beyond: Minimum billing is higher and determined on case-by-case basis.

    Cancellation Policy

    • All cancellations are subject to cancellation fees per the following schedule.

    • Deposit paid is applied toward cancellation fee.

    • Any remaining balance will be billed and is due upon receipt.

    • Any overage of deposit after cancellation fee will be refunded within 14 business days.

    • All cancellation notices must be acknowledged by Bravo to be valid.

    • Minimum cancellation fee is $25.

    • In addition, client is responsible for any external rental cancellation fees incurred.

    Advance Notice Cancellation Fee
    Less than 24 hours 50% of full seminar fee
    24 hours 40% of full seminar fee
    48 hours 30% of full seminar fee
    72hours 25% of full seminar fee
    7 Days 20% of full seminar fee
    14 Days 15% of full seminar fee

    Payment Terms (we accept Paypal if you have an account. No credit cards.)

      New Clients Long-term Clients
    Services Company check at end of session. Net 30-day.
    Systems Not eligible. Prepaid by company check.
    Seminars 50% at time of booking. Balance due at end of session, by company check. 25% at time of booking. Balance due at end of session, by company check. For events >$1,000, balance is NET 15 from date of event.

    Rates subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors. Any applicable sales tax extra.

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