Rates & Fees Schedule

Traveling Fees (round-trip)
Effective: May 1, 2012

Miles Radius Zone Fee
0-5 0* $15
6-10 1* $30
11-20 2* $40
21-30 3 $60
31-40 4 $75
41-50 5 $88
51-60 6 $100
61-100 7 $228

Airfare + Hotel

Rates based on 1-way air-miles. Actual round-trip driving miles are much higher.


  • Fees might be reduced if client is flexible in "piggyback" scheduling to minimize actual traveling.

  • Zone (0,1,2) Fees waived for all non-emergency trips over Four(4) hours at Standard Rate or above.

  • Billing Codes

    O On-Site (Client's)
    I In-Office (at Bravo)
    V Voice Session
    R Remote Session

    Voice Sessions include: Phone, Direct VoIP, IM, 2-way radio, video conference and any other means of voice calls.

  • Seminar Rates
  • Payment Information
  • Our Roles
  • What We Do
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Remote Support
  • Encore Workgroup Servers
  • Sonata Workstations
  • Forte Enterprise Router
  • Octave RAID & NAS
  • Security Portal
  • Web Hosting
  • Product Support Levels
  • Common Questions

  • Hourly Rates     Effective: 1/15/97   (resellers/consultants see Partners section)

    Emergency Rate $120/Hr
  • Same-Day Incident Response
  • Server Down: Priority Response
  • Walk-In Services
  • Premium Rate $90/Hr
  • SBS Server and Windows 2003 Server Issues.
  • Domain-related issues
  • All Exchange Server Design, Setup & Troubleshoot.
  • All SQL Server setup & troubleshoot.
  • Windows Vista & XP Troubleshooting/Repair
  • All Hardware Repairs, Trouble-shooting & Diagnostics.
  • Network Design, Validation, Setup, Troubleshooting.
  • Linux, FreeBSD & UNIX projects.
  • Physical Data Recovery, consulting & coordination.
  • Computer Security Topics and Forensics.
  • All other advanced topics requiring substantial training,  research and equipment.
  • Standard Rate $75/Hr General Consulting
    (98% of work is billed at this rate and above)
    Basic Rate $50/Hr
  • Premises Wiring, Basic Technician work.
  • Technical Tutorials (structured)
  • Web Development
  • Graphics Design
  • Maintenance Rate $40/Hr Cleaning & Scheduled Maintenance 
    Tutorial Rate $30/Hr Unstructured Non-Technical Tutorials
    Seminar Rates Varies Structured training with curriculum & materials.   DETAILS

    Minimum Billing

  • All on-site appointments are subject to minimum billing.

  • In-office, phone or remote sessions and in-shop services are not.

  • Minimum billing is $120 for emergency appointments, and $75 for all other appointments.

  • Zone 4 and beyond: Minimum billing is higher and determined on case-by-case basis.


    Stand-by Appointments

    • minimum billing = 25% of committed time block, at Standard Rate

      • subject to minimum of $20

    • response time = 25% of committed time block

      • or 30 min max

    • examples:

      • book for 1 hr stand-by = $20 min fee @ 15 min response

      • book for 4 hrs stand-by = $75 min fee @ 30 min response

  • Retainers

    • We can discuss details re: different levels & terms

    Payment Terms (we accept Paypal if you have an account. No credit cards.)


    New Clients Long-term Clients
    Services Company check at end of session Net 30-day
    Sales Not available Prepaid by company check

    Miscellaneous Fees

    Bench Fee $50 flat Minimum fee for Inspection, Diagnostics, Testing, Repair & Upgrade Attempts
    Lab Fee $50/Hr Using our lab & network for experiments or testing your own equipment. Instructions & Supplies extra
    Virtual Lab Fee $25/Hr Remote access of custom network infrastructure for your own research and development. Setup fees might apply.
    Code Service Type Descriptions
    CFS Contingency Fee Service See terms & conditions section below for details.
    FFS Flat-Fee Service Only available for ISS, for certain published standard items.
    IOS In-Office Session Interactive meeting, or while-u-wait service.
    ISS In-Shop Service Low-priority, drop-off, flat-fee items where feasible
    RCS Remote Control Session On-going IT admin, and initial diagnosis prior to on-site service call, to assess situation and minimize costs.
    RSF Retainer Service Fee See terms & conditions section below for details.
    OSC On-Site Service Call Strict clock time, subject to minimum billing, plus travel.
    VCS Voice Call Session Support by Phone or VoIP/IM.
    WIS Walk-In Services Emergency Rate, subject to bench fees.


    General Philosophies, Terms & Conditions

    We operate on a professional services model. Our distribution and logistics operations are strictly there for the benefit of the clients. All time spent on discussions (on-site or over phone), and in-office research without the client's presence are billable. Billing inquiries and other administrative issues are excluded.

    Our prices are non-negotiable, and we would not provide designs & consultation as “free quotes” in hope of gaining a sale. Our sales of hardware & software are subsidized perks for clients. We would (and had always) gladly advise you of alternate sources for equipment & supplies whenever appropriate. 

    Minimum billing applies to on-site (at client’s location) calls only, and is waived for all in-office (at Bravo) appointments and telephone sessions. A session might be billed at multiple rates according to the nature of work performed.

    Most basic questions submitted via email not requiring time-critical responses, may be answered on a resource-available basis free of charge, if it requires less than 10 min of time and the ratio of free vs. billable is less than 5% on a monthly cumulative basis.

     Cost Effectiveness vs Session Modes

    Retainer Fees

    Majority of our clients are billed for services rendered. Some prefer to pay us a retainer in advance, at regular intervals.

    In addition to discounted rates, Clients on retainer fees are our Highest Priority. They're automatically classified as "Tier-1" regardless of annual billing bracket.

    We reserve resources for them to ensure earliest availability. Retainer clients are also entitled to certain complimentary alert and monitoring services. It's a great way to establish a stable, long-term, trust-based relationship.

    Retainers also streamline the tedious billing routine. Time log is updated virtually immediately after each session. It provides you with better control and less surprises.

    Finally, retainer clients will lock-in the hourly rates at the time of retainer payment, in the event of a rate increase.

    Retainer fees will be applied to Bravo services only (excluding any sales or outside services obtained on clients' behalf, which will be billed separately) according to the following discount schedule:

    Prepayment Amount Service Discount
    $250 2%
    $500 5%
    $1000 10%
    $2000 15%
    $5000 20%

    In other words, our applicable hourly rates apply (according to the tasks), only the discounted amount will be deducted, from the prepaid balance on account.

    Each prepaid retainer fee will be spent at the associated discount rate. This accommodates your fluctuating projected service needs.

    Pre-Sale Consulting Reimbursement

    Some discussions for major projects might qualify for reimbursement. Up to 50% of Reimbursable Pre-Sale Consulting (RPSC) fees may be credited toward purchase of goods and services. RPSC applies only to the portion of sales as a direct result of such session. Pre-approval at consultation time is required. Furthermore, such credit shall not exceed 10% of the total Qualifying Purchase.

    Contingency Fee Services

    Upon mutual agreement, some services are available on a Contingency Fee basis. You pay the pre-agreed feeregardless of the actual hours spent, and only if the stated problem is successfully solved, or the stated goal is achieved.

    A Contingency Fee Service Agreement detailing the scope and conditions of the project, including estimated time of completion (ETC) must be signed prior to commencement of work. You have the option to terminate the agreement after the ETC has expired beyond a 50% grace period (or a maximum of 30 days).

    In the event we elect to abandon the project, the contract is voided and you will be notified as soon as possible. See your actual agreement for additional terms & conditions.

    Flat Fee Services

    Certain routine services are available on flat fee basis, if they're performed on a low-priority, resource-available basis, remotely, or in-shop.

    These are well defined, refined and practiced tasks that we fee are within our control, and are willing to absorb the occasional abnormal glitches and extra efforts. See ISS document for details.

    Flat fee services generally represent a very significant discount, compared to strict hourly rate billing.

    Rates subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors. Any applicable sales tax extra.

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