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In addition to SOHO gateway devices, we also offer custom-built enterprise-class Linux- and FreeBSD-based gateway routers. They offer performance, features and ease-of-administration that are superior to typical off-the-shelf commercial products costing thousands of dollars. You can choose from standard PC chassis or industrial embedded PC platforms.

The terms gateway, routers and firewalls are often misused and misunderstood.

Host A computer running TCP/IP with an IP address.
Router A host with 2 or more interfaces (Ethernet, DSL, cable or T1, etc.)
Gateway A router designated to provide hosts on LAN access to WAN, typically by running Network Address Translation (NAT) protocol, in order to share a single external globally routable IP address supplied by the access ISP.

Definition of a Gateway Router

An enterprise-class gateway router provides more flexibility, powerful features and advanced controls that are required by an IT administrator. Many features are built-in or can be added to the gateway:

  • static rules-based firewall, in addition to stateful packet inspection (SPI)
  • true DMZ (Red/Orange/Green topology, not just unconditional forward)
  • telnet and SSH tunneled remote access
  • proxy server (normal or transparent mode)
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • extensive logging for audit trails and Forensics analysis
  • real-time traffic graphs, with daily/weekly/monthly/annual log
  • practically unlimited rules capacity
  • no per user fees
  • operates at "wire speed" (no processing latency incurred)
  • VPN gateway and VPN pass-through
  • customized handling of DNS and DHCP
  • over-engineered hardware available
  • superior serviceability (and availability), thanks to standardized hardware.

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