Hot Stand-By Site

Solutions. Not Products.

Hot Stand-By Site is an unique concept and service from Bravo Technology Center.
It is modeled after the same concept and standard practices used by 911 Call Centers and Fortune 100 companies; adapted and refined for the small business environment. We provide all the logistical and technical know-hows, equipment and software, custom programs/scripts, plus on-going services; to make it possible for your business operations to be seamlessly relocated to another physical site in the event of a disaster. 

Some of the components:

  • Data Replication
  • Online Data Vaulting
  • Stand-by Server & Workstations
  • Stand-by (or fall-back) Phone System
  • Digital Telephony (can re-route calls to any physical point globally)
  • Subnet Management & Coordination
  • DNS Strategies & Management (MX and DDNS)
  • Mobile Computing
  • Alternate Power (sustained operations)
  • Emergency Power Systems (temporary operations)
  • Mutual Agreements & Rentals (arranged with other HSBS clients)
  • Simulations & Rehearsals
  • Management Coordination
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Procedures & Checklists

HSBS is one component of our comprehensive Disaster Planning And Prevention (DPAR) solutions since 2001!   We ensure your business continuance in the event of a disaster.

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