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Bravo Official Policies on Software Piracy 2003

As your out-sourced IT department, we're obligated to inform you regarding the proper, legal use of software. We will not knowingly install your out-right illegally obtained software. However, we're not the "software police" in enforcing your 100% software license compliance. We will deem a formal and explicit verbal declaration of compliance from your DIFA or management as acceptable proof, for the purpose of proceeding with our work.

If it has become known that you failed to obtain sufficient licenses, we will advise  you so that you may take corrective actions, such as removing extra copies, or purchasing additional licenses. We do not intend to alert the vendors or authorities. However, we will take such actions if we're aware of any vendors selling pirated software directly/indirectly.

For new systems we build, we use only genuine Microsoft operating system from official Microsoft-designated Distribution Service Partners (DSP) and we follow the strict guidelines in supplying the original hologram disc, and affixing the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) to each system.

Please be advised that licensing of operating system only covers the upgrade. You're responsible for making sure that the system being upgraded has a valid and qualifying prior version of O.S. The full O.S. license can only be obtained thru OEM or retail products. Note: Licensed software do not include any discs, unless you also purchase the optional media kit for each licensed title at nominal costs.

You're hereby informed:
As a contractor, due to our inherent lack of jurisdiction to enforce software usage at your site, we're not liable for your failure to comply with software agreements and/or any applicable criminal laws. That responsibility remains expressly with your owners and management.
July 2, 2003

See Our Roles page for details on our duties and division of labor and control.

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