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productivity, manageability, sensibility
Cost Analysis

This is a sample cost analysis focusing on the very common scenario of a small business with 5 workstations sharing data across the network.

The columns represent 6 cases:

  1. site with available and suitable box for use as server
  2. buying a refurbished P-2 Class Server
  3. new low-end SBS server with bare-bone configuration
  4. new standard SBS server
  5. new Network-Attached Storage (NAS, an appliance server with limited functions
  6. buying a refurbished P-4 Class server, install Linux + Samba

As you can see, the cost savings are pretty significant. Of course, cost is only one of the many factors to consider. There are many other benefits to using PMS besides reducing costs. SBS, NAS and Samba each serve its own particular niche. The point is to use the right tool for the right occasion.

After 14 years, PMS has out-grown its original goals & image. Once merely "Poor Man's Server," PMS-powered boxes now serve in demanding mission-critical situations, where it excels over traditional servers.