Bravo PMS - Productivity, Manageability, Sensibility. Custom Small-Footprint Server O.S. for small businesses.
productivity, manageability, sensibility
Last reviewed: 2015
Niches and Scenarios (2007)

In its humble beginning back in 1994, PMS was born out of a singular purpose and need - to allow  small businesses to operate a dedicated file server without breaking the bank, and avoid needless complexity and prohibitive costs.

That still stands today, despite drastic drop in server hardware and O.S. prices.

Common Scenarios:

  1. Just need dedicated file server for workgroup
  2. to facilitate remote admin
    1. file management

    2. services

    3. registry

    4. rpc

  3. Network troubleshooting
  4. application workstation test
  5. Print Server
    1. no NIC in printer
    2. need some form of ACL (access control list)
    3. ease of deployment (utilizing Microsoft networking features)
  6. VPC-related (floating license)
  7. Remote pool node (phantom users)
  8. Backup monitoring/launching
  9. ISO disc image mounting service
  10. Disc burning station
Addendum 2014
  • SoftBlade level subnet sandbox, with remote panel for DIFA!
  • VLAN functionality
  • x64 Guest OS platforms

Addendum 2015

  • Exclusive ransomware-specific implementation strategies & hardening features


14 years & 650+ R & D hours later, PMS has out-grown its original goals & image. Once merely "Poor Man's Server," PMS-powered boxes now serve in special  demanding mission-critical situations, where it excels over traditional servers.